Read Our Sample Translations

On this part of our website, we will host short extracts from the engrossing translation samples our wonderful cohort of translators completed during 2020. All of these samples are now actively seeking publication. If you are a publisher, agent or journal editor who would like to find out more about any of these texts, please contact the translator directly or reach out to the RusTrans team here – we will put you in touch with the translator.

Regardless, happy reading – we guarantee that you’ll be entertained!

Nadine Abgaryan’s Manunia and Me, translated by Sian Valvis

Andrei Astvatsaturov’s People In Nude, translated by Lucy Webster

Dmitry Bykov’s June, translated by Huw Davies

Nadezhda Chernova’s Aslan’s Bride, translated by Shelley Fairweather-Vega

Ilya Danishevsky’s Mannelig in Chains, translated by Anne O. Fisher and Alex Karsavin

Figgle-Miggle’s You Love These Films So Much, translated by Sarah Vitali

Tasha Karlyuka’s Being Frosya Shneerson, translated by Michele A. Berdy

Bulat Khanov’s Ire, translated by William Barclay

Viktor Pelevin’s iPhuck 10, translated by Viktoria Malik and Isaac Sligh

Alexei Salnikov’s The Department, translated by Lisa Hayden

Sana Valiulina’s I’m Not Afraid of Bluebeard, translated by Polly Gannon